About Veloxcore

Our Mission

We are enthusiastic, technology savvy individuals, provides software services and consulting for organization with challenging objectives.


At Veloxcore, we solve real problem customers are facing. We try to understand customer's business core value, figoureout what are the pressing issues at hand and try to provide solution which really makes difference in our customer's life. Be it improving efficiency, reducing operating cost or extracting more value from existing system. We do this by using cutting edge technologies with proven software development practices to providing simplified solution, which are easy to use and maintain. We go extra mile to truly make our customer happy.

Flexibility for Developers

We strive to make people happy, be it our customers or our developers. Rather than focusing on numbers we strive to focus on people. If peoples are happy, numbers goes up by itself. A focused individual can produce better outcomes than bunch of unhappy ones. This also keeps up overall mood of the workplace. Vinit (Founder of Veloxcore), is himself a developer, by working for prolong time in the industry, he really understood the pain area any developer has. We give our employees opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Focussed. Diverse. Disruptive.

We understand and value core semantics of our customer business. Maintains a portfolio spanning multiple sectors. While disruptive technology is our unifying theme.

Speed and agility

Delivery fast and on time is one of the most important part of our business. Delay cost a lot, both in terms of money and relation with customer. And there is no place for rigidity in today's business. Hence we take great care about keeping ourselves on track. Agile and Scrum methodology help us be flexible and still meet or exceed our clients' expectation.


You want to give best quality product to your customers, and as your outsourcing partner we understand it very well. Most outsourcing businesses don't care about quality and just want to get project out as quickly as possible. But we put more focus on quality than quantity. As quantity can be added but quality is not easy to sprinkle once product is delivered.

People centric

In IT business, we do not produce any tangible product but that is the challenge, how to keep software people driven that it goes out of the way and anyone can use it with ease. We provide solution which has customer centric approach, value their business and core business model. Understand how it will be used and how we can make it easy for anyone to use.


Every relation is based on trust, no difference is business. We lay foundation of relation with customer or employee based on honesty, transparency, dependability and accountability. All four are equally important for us, we say what we can achieve, delivery it, while following ethical approaches and take accountability of actions we take.

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