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18 Jun 16

Chatbot design guidelines

A bot must be design in a way so that it can be user-friendly. The development of Bots are not very new now, but many developers are still not clear that how conventional UI techniques can be used so that a user can communicate with Chatbots easily. Read more about how to design your next chatbot.

chatbot design guideline

A bot must be design in a way so that it can be user-friendly. The development of Bots are not very new now, but many developers are still not clear that how conventional UI techniques can be used so that a user can communicate with Chatbots easily. We must consider humans at highest priority while designing or developing bots in order to communicate with them. They are the reason why you are developing Chatbots. Following are few design guideline one must consider before start developing bots.

  • Goal of developing bots.
  • Designing and development of bots.
  • It must respond smartly.
  • If required then Chatbots should be able to start the communication.
  • Chatbot must not try to pretned to be a human.

Obviously, this is not the complete list to take care of. Below we’ll discuss more design principles in the case of Bot’s development. Before that, let us provide you an idea of Design Principles. What is Design Principle? Why should we follow these set of rules while developing our Chatbot?

Design Principle: There are many different ways using which you can start developing your Bots and also implement as many features as you want for your Chatbot. But this is definitely not a standard process of development. Design principles are nothing but a set of opinions on which entire associated team agreed on. It provides a clear goal to developers regarding their Chatbot development. The team must put their ideas regarding design principle with its benefits. They must argue on their ideas in order to come up with final statements. These design principles do not guarantee for final decisions but definitely, help you to make consistent decisions throughout the design and development process.

Design Principle to follow in Bot Development: So far we have a clear view regarding design principles. Now we must understand the list of design principle one must follow while developing Chatbots.

  • Make it simple: The system must behave in very simple ways. Chatbot conversations should be clear, precise and specific to the subject. There is no need to design a complex system otherwise it might present bad user experience. You must concentrate on specific features that are useful for a proper and healthy communication. It is important to handle some exceptional cases but does not try to encounter all the case that is going to make your system complex. An end user will not appreciate a complex response from your Chatbot.
  • Use of native interfaces: The very most advantage of these messaging apps is that being a developer you can use simple UI and drop out so many interfaces as well. This smart messaging platforms came up with so many native features that can be utilized by you in order to provide a better user experience. An interaction with Chatbot works on the input set provided by humans. In spite of providing complex response try to follow some standards in order to improve the user experience. This is how you can engage your end users with Chatbots.
  • Make it efficient: The development of Chatbots are not an easy task. It takes a lot effort and money to build a Chatbot, to make your life easier. It must also improve the experience of end users that are going to interact with your system directly. Developers must keep in mind that the design, ideas, and interfaces will be used by a real human. Would he/she be liking this system if they are the end user? Do not make your Chatbot to simply replace a human by building an automated system.
  • Be specific to features: You must list out all the small or big features for your Chatbot before start developing it. If you are considering user-experience at high priority then do not include features that will go to distract users in any way. Make sure that your responses are personalized in such a way that do not distract the user from the conversation and not let them feel that it is coming from a Chatbot.
  • Limitation of your Chatbot: Being a developer you must understand the limitations of your Chatbot as well. You should understand what your Chatbot can perform. If there is something that can’t be handled through your Chatbot then it is totally fine, use a human support instead.
  • Work on Chatbot responses: It is very important to proceed conversations in a structured way otherwise human will get distracted from the core topic. Do not let them confuse at any time while they are in the conversation with your Chatbot. If this is happening on a constant basis then improve your system as soon as possible. The best approach to handle such situation is to provide the end users options as input. These specific inputs will definitely help you to generate a standard response for your end user and avoid confusing situations for them as well.

These are some design principle one should follow before building a Chatbot. It is not going to provide you 100% assurance that your Chatbot will work efficiently but definitely help you to make final decisions for your Chatbot system. You can add your principle as well based on your Chatbot features and then only start your development. No matter what approach you are going to follow but do consider human (end-user) at high priority.

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