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12 Jun 16

6 Precautions to take before developing chatbot

Developing chatbot requires significant development effort so don't rush to it, take a step back and have a broader look. Below list gives you few of the many points you should keep in mind while working on your next chatbot project.

Chatbot Precautions microsoft's

As the leading companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Telegram are introducing their Bots, Bot engine or framework, suddenly the Bots become the very valuable entity of any organization. They can improve your business model if they implemented properly into your business or organization. Below are the list of best practices in order to make sure that your Chatbots development succeeds properly. There are some very important points one must keep into mind before start developing Bots or Chatbots for a business.

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1. Understanding the requirements of chatbot:

The most important part while developing a Bot is to understand how are you going to utilize your Bot? The development of a Bot takes a good amount of time, effort, and money, so it can't be ignored. The Bot can be used for many purposes such as explore new sales opportunities, understand requirements of existing customers, or to streamline organization's modules etc. So don't be in a hurry and first of all try to have clear ideas regarding Bot's development. It includes the requirement of a Chatbot, development, costing, testing, maintenance of Bots. The development of a Bot require writing lots of code scripts and also to test them further. An organization needs a team of highly skilled and professional developers, debugger and testers. Once you have your Chatbot ready then it requires maintenance as well and so the initial development must be started, considering the scalability points.

2. Where and how to use Chatbots

A real fact is that sometimes interaction with customers is efficiently served by a Bot than humans. In case if there are a variety of choices or decisions a customer wants to make then it might be better off using a nice, creative and simple web form interface for interaction. On the other hand, if any process is very personalized and valuable, such as sales and marketing then it might be beneficial to keep a human in the thread as well. So it is important to understand that how and where are you going to use your Chatbot. A Bot can easily interact with the customers and help them to make an efficient decision by showing them the information from the database, depending on the input provided by users. The Bots can also access the customer’s stated goal in order to perform even more accurate search and results. They can collect and prompt pre decided feedbacks to customers during a conversation, based on the keyword present in the input data.

3. Integrating chatbot into your business:

The developers must take care of hundreds of things while building a Chatbot. These Bots must understand the core of your business model, basics of your business, product or service, and other internal modules. It must act, work and interact like a regular employee with your customers and as well as employees. The development of Bots should have been done in that way so that it can easily connect and merge with your existing system. One should only need to import the Bot into any module of organization and it must work properly. An efficiently developed Chatbot must fit naturally into your business like a new and regular employee in order to deal with customers.

4. Handle the exceptions and chatbot upgrade:

As we know that human can ask any random question that developers didn't click while building the Chatbots. There are chances that even the most efficient machine learning model will make mistake. So it is also important to build and handle in the case of expectation fails for your Bot. It must have a simple functionality to start the conversation from beginning or from any previous stable stage. In case if the situation is not handled in the current development then you must log the customer's goal and add this case to the Chatbot for future. Collect as many cases you can and add all of them into your Chatbot so that it'll be handled into the next time you upgrade your Chatbot for your business.

5. Art of interaction with customers:

Chatbots are the first defense of your business to customer. Just like to a regular employee a bot must understand the customer's tone and it must be aware of the responses it is offering to any random customer. It must behave normally in any situation such as welcome gently to customer, response properly in a frustrating situation or convey greetings when a customer is actually praising your business, service or product. Sentimental analysis helps developers to determine the emotional content of any message in order to control the flow of interaction at any stage. If a Bot is not able to fulfill the customer's goal then make sure to transfer the conversation to human.

6. Learn from your customers and outer World:

A Chatbot is not only a medium to interact with customers but also a new opportunity to learn from the World. It can be used for analysis purpose of your business, product, service or company. The result will indirectly help you out to add or remove modules in your organization for an efficient production or development. If you have already implemented a business intelligence capabilities then the Chatbot conversations logs are very valuable information of additional insight. If you do not have any such module then a Chatbot will be a good idea to start with.

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