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15 Jul 16

How to build chatbot

If we talk about Messenger platform, then chatbots are now able to deliver so many things that previously done by team of people. It includes some custom and automated communications such as traffic details, weather updates, shipping notifications and other subscription services as well. The messenger bots are not only able to respond to plain text but also in media contents with attached call-to-action interactions. These bots are really amazing considering the way they interact with users and …

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20 Jun 16

Develop chatbot personality by dropping Easter eggs

The Easter eggs is important in order to personalize your Chatbot. People enjoy if they get some funny responses from Chatbot if the expected response is confusing or somewhat impossible to get over. When your developer are building bots then ask them to write some Easter eggs as well. Let them go out of boundaries to think about Easter eggs ideas. This will give your bot a personality. Remember if your can make people laugh (in a certain way) then they will share this experience with their frie…

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19 Jun 16

Data Visualization: Narrate the story of your data

In last few years many companies started looking into data they have been collecting. Found hidden truths and very many interesting things. I’m lucky to get a chance to work on some of the very interesting, innovative and heavily data based solutions. Following are the thoughts I keep in mind while designing data rich applications.

1. Clear vision of data and relevant users

If you are dealing with a huge amount of data and designing a highly complex system. There might be chances that the same…

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18 Jun 16

Smart bots will takeover mobile apps

We are reaching the limits of mobile apps and OS paradigm, as the number of smartphone apps increases while the screen size of our phone increased. It is getting harder to manage, set up and download so many smartphone apps on our devices, day by day. The messaging apps are now becoming new platforms, subsuming the role played by smartphone OS. Just as the apps replaced websites, same messaging bots will replace the smartphone apps. This is why Bots are the new apps and in the same way a Bot sto…

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18 Jun 16

Chatbot design guidelines

A bot must be design in a way so that it can be user-friendly. The development of Bots are not very new now, but many developers are still not clear that how conventional UI techniques can be used so that a user can communicate with Chatbots easily. We must consider humans at highest priority while designing or developing bots in order to communicate with them. They are the reason why you are developing Chatbots. Following are few design guideline one must consider before start developing bots.

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15 Jun 16

Chatbot: Banking sector disruption is coming

Like it or not but chatbots are coming and for good. They will automate or at least reduce many of our day to day work. Banking is one of them. I don’t remember when I have to physically go to bank’s branch for my routine banking stuff after I get the app in my phone. How easy it is now to transfer money, pay utility bills, manage stocks and what not. But all this is about to change, just how apps reduce our effort, bots are going to make the technology disappear from our naked eyes.

Similar ar…
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14 Jun 16

Build smart chatbot with zero coding and Motion AI

A Bot or Chabot is an AI computer software application build to simulate intelligent conversation through spoken or written text. In very basic form a Chabot takes a written text as its input from people and match it with the application's database in order to generate a text sentence which forms Chabot’s reply and hence keeping the conversation going. There are some Chabot applications uses animations speech recognition, etc. for a better user experience. Recently Microsoft launched their own B…

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12 Jun 16

6 Precautions to take before developing chatbot

As the leading companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Telegram are introducing their Bots, Bot engine or framework, suddenly the Bots become the very valuable entity of any organization. They can improve your business model if they implemented properly into your business or organization. Below are the list of best practices in order to make sure that your Chatbots development succeeds properly. There are some very important points one must keep into mind before start developing Bots or Chatbots …

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09 Jun 16

Chatbot: Microsoft and Facebook's framework comparision

A Bot which is also known as Artificial Conversational Entity, chatterbot, talkbots, chatbots is a computer program that conducts any conversation through textual or auditory methods. These programs are generally developed to convincingly simulate how a normal person would act as a conversational partner and generally takes commands from conversation to perform different tasks. These Bots are typically required for dialog systems for a wide range of practical purposes which includes information …

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19 Apr 16

Artificial Intelligence: Improve gameplay everytime with self learning AI

Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind. He is one of Britain's pre-eminent scientists and has said that efforts to create thinking machines pose a threat to our very existence. But till the time it happens, lets play games and kill AI.

Going in the same direction, while casually talking to my friend Vishal Shukla about general purpose AI, a thought came up.

Why Artificial Intelligence of game can’t be trained, based on real players’ interaction with game.


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